In this Course:

Welcome to Love and Forgiveness, a 4-week online course with Michael Mirdad! This is not just a course about love and forgiveness. It certainly clarifies these topics, but more importantly, it takes us through the process of loving and forgiving. So you will come to understand and experience what love and forgiveness truly are and are not. You will come to know that love is who we are, and that forgiveness is what love does. In effect, you will become far more the embodiment of love and forgiveness—which is our most important purpose on earth.

After completing the course, forgiveness is much easier. It’s easier because you will have learned about, and accepted, your identity as love at a deeper level, and because you will have gone through the process of integrating forgiveness into your consciousness—possibly without even realizing it.

Eventually, after witnessing the profoundly positive effects of love and forgiveness in one area of our life, it becomes irresistible to practice forgiveness in every other area. Then, the day will come when we will choose to forgive (release) every judgmental perception we have ever had on every person or event. We can then choose to release all limited beliefs and judgmental perceptions of everything. This process first helps us to become better people. Then it leads us into a complete remembrance of our divinity.

This course includes the following topics:

  • What is Love?
  • What is Judgment?
  • What is Forgiveness?
  • Moving Beyond Judgment and Forgiveness
  • Basic and Advanced Exercises in Forgiveness

In addition to a live interactive video broadcast (which is available for replay), the course includes video, audio, and print study materials for each week, and participation in online discussions, where you can ask questions and receive support from fellow students. Your questions will also be addressed by Michael in the group and during the live broadcasts.

What students had to say about Michael’s online courses:

Michael’s deep understanding of relationships underlies the benefits of this practical, but spiritual course. This course gives a roadmap to remembering our lasting, loving relationships with all. ~KE, AZ

It felt wonderful to be connected to a group of passionate souls. ~TW, CT

Michael’s online course are always no-nonsense, God-Centered programs that helps us clear a lifetime of issues and traumas. ~LN, FL

Intro Class – This Free Overview Class is available to all. Return at any time to watch, listen & read.

  • Video:Forgiveness vs. Judgment
    • The different forms of false forgiveness
    • Practice forgiveness at a level you understand
    • Forgiveness is the highest expression of human love
    • The practice of true forgiveness
  • Audio:Forgiveness Interview
  • Article:Forgiveness: The Highest Expression of Love

About Michael Mirdad

A "teacher's teacher", and a "healer's healer"

Michael Mirdad is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author with an extensive background in spirituality and healing. He is the author of the best-selling books Healing the Heart & Soul, The Dark Night of the Soul, Creating Fulfilling Relationships, The Heart of A Course in Miracles, and You’re Not Going Crazy . . . You’re Just Waking Up! Michael has often been a keynote speaker at some of the world’s largest conferences, as well as being on radio, television, and various Internet programs. In addition to being the cover feature several times in Evolve Magazine, Michael has also been featured in such magazines as Yoga Journal, Sedona Journal, and Whole Self Times. He has traveled throughout the world for 40 years conducting thousands of classes, lectures, and workshops on spirituality, relationships, healing, and the awakening of the Christ within. His powerful and insightful private sessions have transformed the lives of thousands of clients. His vast knowledge and wisdom combined with his personal warmth, humor, and integrity have earned him the title of “Teacher’s Teacher” and “Healer’s Healer” from students, teachers, and authors around the world.

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  • How long do I have access to the class?

    Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course recordings for some time, and they will be downloadable if you would like to keep copies for yourself long-term.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Sorry, there are no refunds for online courses once you have registered. We are confident you will be more than happy with the course!

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